Quest for his Holy Grail

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Contemporary artist Henk van der Gronde talks about the Quest for his Holy Grail

HenkHenk van der Gronde
Burgemeester Keestrasingel 25
4101 ZB, Culemborg
Telephone: 0345-520284
Mobile: 06-51490994
Atelier: ‘t Jach 32 , 4101 CM Culemborg


The beginning

On completing my studies in graphic design at the art academy in Arnhem (now ArtEZ),  I  spent some time studying the paintings, and philosophy of art, of René Klinkers and Hans Koopman at the Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten (HKU) in Utrecht.  During my artistic career, I have held various exhibitions, both individually and in groups with artists associations. Much of my exhibited work is now in private collections or owned by companies.

landschap met rode toren

Landschap met rode toren
Landscape with red tower

het hoge water huis 2d-3d

Het hoge water huis 2d-3d
The high water house 2D-3D



My working style

Most of my art is created intuitively, born from random moments captured by my eye, mixed with my mood, memories, and impressions. I work mostly in oil paints, which allows me to work longer on the painting but, of course, also requires a longer drying time. 

My work begins when I enter into a continuous dialogue with a selected canvas; asking with my eyes and responding with my strokes of colour. I work by applying layers of paint on top of each other on the canvas, like skin.  Then, with my fingernails or stylus, I make scratches in the skin and combine them with India ink to produce drawing-like effects to the work.

stadt op rots

Stadt op rots
City on rock

Stad met volle maan en vissen

Stad met volle maan en vissen
City with full moon & fishes



To give chance a chance, I like to surprise myself sometimes by turning the canvas while painting the picture. For me, spontaneity and immediacy give the canvas more character.

Painting is always a Quest for me. I am constantly searching for my Holy Grail.